May 24th, 2018

BONESEEKER in Audio and updates on sequels

Hi. BONESEEKER in audio is out!

Hi. If you are a lover of audio, as I am, I am thrilled to tell you BONESEEKER is now in audio, and performed by the amazing Karen Krause.

Give it a listen in audible today and stay tuned as to how to snag a free one.

If you sign up for my news group or email to be added to my new fans group on facebook, were giving away free copies of the audiobook.

It's possible both sequels--Here Walk the Dead (book 2 of BONESEEKER) and Black in Time (Book 2 of Requiem Red) may be released by the end of this year. Many events occurred with the publishers of these books...i couldve self published them--but for various reasons forged ahead with finding publishers for them both. I'm hoping to have a cover reveal for both sequels soon.