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So where ARE those bloody sequels?

Hello blogosphere.

Brynns been biting her tongue for so long, its resulted in gangrene, so she figured it was time to break her silence.

Folks, publishing is like no other business she's ever seen. Heres the down and dirty.

The sequels to BONESEEKER and REQUIEM RED have been acquired, unacquired and acquired again.

Thus all of Brynn;s THEYRE COMING posts. In truth, she had them done one year after th first were released--but, publishing is a sphynx. You never know what is coming or going.

All that said, hopefully 2018 will be the year for both sequels, from two different publishers. She would like to shout out to her agents, THE APONTE AGENCY, because they rock, no matter how the publishing boat rolls.

She is also working on a new book, and started an Aspergers Book...but doesnt know if she can live in that world if its successful, since it is her dayjob..can it be the night job too? She doesnt know.

What she does know, is that her amygdala works well enough that she has Theory of Mind, and she can write about true heros with varying abilities, like few others can, as she lives in the trenches.

Ok. There is your update from Penns Woods. She will be at the COLORADO GOLD conference in Sept, where she will sit at the feet of #DianaGabaldon and soak up all that literary worthiness. (is that a word?) Her German Shepherd just hit the keyboard with a ball so..mic drop.

Brynn Out.
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